Welcome to my Blog Site – The Coconut Ricey.  I will be blogging about all things health, well-being and Paleo. Don’t get me wrong, I am not an expert in any of this – but this is one woman’s account of discovering how to manage IBS, how to manage well-being and how this has actually affected my life….don’t worry, I am not gonna give you the hard sell or shove it down your throat. What you do with your life is up to you, just make sure your happy with it.

I had  a very interesting chat with a client one time (I am a make up artist part-time), and I said I was thinking of starting a blog about all things healthy. She made a point that this is the problem in today’s society, that everyone shows the best side of themself – the side we want people to see….that side of us that shows us on holiday, or romancing the night away, or being out with the girls dancing round your handbag – and that is not real life, it is snippets of life when it is good.  I stopped to think about it for a second and she is right. Of course we show the best side to ourself….why wouldnt we?! But….and its a big BUT, sometimes we are not honest and there is a pressure to make people see an idealised version of our life. and before you ask it – hell yeah I am guily, I am as guilty as the next.

So this blog, I solemly do swear, is going to be an honest account of my journey through fitness and health and not a romanticised and idealised version.  It doesn’t serve to make you feel bad about your own life, it serves as a platform for sharing and inspiration.  I hope you have a few laughs when reading my blog, even if they are at my expense…hey, we can laugh together.

So explore the site – go look at the recipes, go read about me and my blogs (I have literally just started so give me a chance) and get interactive with me…tell me your thoughts (even the negatives).

Lotsa love – Coconut Ricey xx

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