No I am not pregnant, thanks for asking

So today I am blogging from Castle Court in Belfast…I am here exhibiting my bouquets and hoping that some lovely brides order with me…. shameless sales pitch but go check out my work on FB (The Sparklepin Bride).

So today I am going to do a little blog post about a condition that really sucks….IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  I always felt like after eating was my stomach was in cramps and the term ‘food baby’ was misconstrued for an actual baby….yes that is right, I was once asked was I pregnant due to my swollen out stomach.  CRINGE (and pretty upsetting to be honest).

I first visited my doctor about this quite a few years ago, only to be sent away with a course of antibiotics that were for excess stomach acid…. which is not what my symptoms were, but hey I gobbled them up in the hope it would work. Doesn’t really take a genius to work out that they didn’t.  So back to the doctor I go…. same conversation over again and once again out the door with a course of antibiotics.  This time though the doctor had diagnosed Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  I left the doctor’s surgery knowing I now had something to explain the swollen belly, but truth me told I couldn’t tell you what it meant, or how I got it. I was just told to take some pills before eating and take some pills after eating should the pain get too much.

To be honest, it just wasn’t good enough.  I was so sick of having to choose my outfit carefully, working out what I was going to wear depending on what I was going to eat.  Then I would spend the next few hours of my life discreetly making sure my top was pulled down over my stomach and I didn’t look just about to give birth. SO back to the doctor
I went, now this time the doctor gave me (a little tiny tiny bit) more info, confirmed it was IBS and told me to stay away from caffeine <—- that was the little tiny bit of info I told you about.

By this stage I was UBER fed up. And I mean UBER FED UP. Fast forward to July 2016 when I started going to Fionnbharr and had the daunting task of filling in a food diary for a week for him to look through. When I told him I had IBS, he immediately went and did a little research, asked me my symptoms, talked to me about nutrition and how your body works to break down food and that was when I started to understand why my stomach and gut was reacting how it was. Complete light bulb moment. Shocking that a personal trainer was able to tell me more than my own GP.

This was the beginning of finding Paleo……

Coconut addiction update – all good on the coconut front. Got another compliment on my hands being like mini coconuts. Life is good!


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