Finding Paleo

Good morning all, I am up bright and breezy on this wet and cold Friday morning. So what else would there be to be than blog eh?! I wanted to do this last night, but truth be told I was too busy relaxing, tanning and having a glass of wine to think about blogging.

So here we go with the Paleo Diet Blog –

When Fionnbharr mentioned doing the Paleo Diet all those months ago, my little face lit up with delight.  I had never heard of the Paleo Diet before, but lets face it, anything with ‘diet’ in the title was good for me. I was on a weight loss mission and diets are exactly the thing we link to weight loss. The only thing is, now 7 months in, I don’t see if as a ‘diet’ anymore, I see it as a lifestyle. I don’t want to loose any more fat – its now my goal to get stronger and fitter. But I am still going to be Paleo, because for me – it just makes sense. It is a way of life and a way of life I enjoy.  So from here on in, I will refer to it as the ‘Paleo lifestyle’.

I am not going to go too deep into it, because its 7:30am and I havent had enough caffiene yet to allow my brain to function at that level. On a basic level, it is taking you back to the hunter gatherer days when you ran around with your club and hunted good meat, ate vegetables and foraged for meat and nuts to keep you going. It is a diet before argiculture crept in, before mass production of grains and other bulky/carby foods to sustain a whole nation. For me, looking into the Paleo life – it made logical sense. It seems pretty insane at the beginning that I, Deborah Mashed Potato Rice, would give up the delicious creamy bowl of potatoes that I so adore.  But jeeeez did my body thank me for it.

In short, eat good quality meat (which we are so lucky in Ireland to have the standards of meat we have), lots of fresh veggies, good fatty foods such as avocados, cook in healthier oils such as coconut oil, eat nuts and seeds, sweet potatoes are a must have carb source and drink plenty of water. The no-no’s of it all are legumes (which means no peanuts – I know what you are thinking, peanuts are a nut, it says it right there in the title….well no my friend, you are wrong, they are actually a legume). Grains, refined sugars, white potatoes, dairy and refined vegetable oils. I am sure the list could go on.

Now, lets be realisitic. I am not Paleo all of the time….there are going to be times in life when Paleo just doesnt cut it. When I give me food diary to my PT, I still get big circles rounds things, so I am still learning. The thing is, I am an adult and I make adult choices – and lets be serious, you gotta live life and eat the cake.  BUT, what I have learned over time is to take control and responsibility over my body, to make smart choices and allow myself treats and not feel guilty over it, because lets face it, 99% I make great choices and I work hard at the gym.  That is a part of life.

I feel that it has been an amazing journey for me and it has allieviated so many of my IBS issues.  I still keep a food dairy and when my IBS flares up, I can pinpoint what has caused it.  Honestly, I feel like I have had to erase everything I thought I knew about ‘healthy foods’ and re-write it all, because so often we are mis-fed information about what we should and should not eat….lets face it, my doctor couldn’t even give me sound advice over my diet.

Listen, I know for every Paleo lover out there, theres gonna be 10 Paleo haters, and thats cool…or people that just do not understand my lifestyle and eating habits. If I had a pound for everytime I heard ‘steak for breakfast, are you mad?!?!’, ‘is all you eat rabbit food?’ or ‘thats weird!’, I wouldn’t be getting up at 6am every morning to go to work, I would be sitting on a beach somewhere drinking pina colada’s.

So, I know that is a little basic insight into Paleo lifestyle, but if you wanna try it go ahead, if you want to think I am insane, go ahead with that too. All I know is that Paleo worked for me, my body has seriously been given a much needed break from the cramps and balloon like stomach. If you want to know more about it, drop me a line, I like to chat…Or use Google.

For anyone wanting to know what a Paleo day might look like, here is a real life example taken from my food diary:

8am: Paleo Flatbread,  (found in the recipe section), bacon, spinach, nuts and peppermint tea 

11:30am: celery sticks with coconut and almond butter (meridian brand)

1pm: Chicken salad – plenty of leafy greens, tomatoes, peppers, grated carrot, then 2 pieces of 85% dark chocolate to kill that sweet treat craving 

Training with Fionnbharr @ 5pm

7:30pm: steak, homemade mushy peas, fried onions, sweet potato wedges

Herbal or decaf tea.  

So there we have it, a real life example of a Paleo day, and if you ask me – that aint too shabby


Peace out,

Coconut Ricey









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