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Push on through

Hi all, sorry i have been a little MIA lately, but once again I’ve been a busy little bee enjoying life and having some fun. I was recently away having too many laughs with friends and family in London (see above picture of an awesome cocktail I drank, one of many to be fair). I would like to take a little moment to all my friends/fam-in-law for making it so awesome. I also want to give an extra special little thanks to the lovely Siobhan Caslin, for seeking out menu options to suit my paleo life, I really appreciated it – eating out can be a little bit of a nightmare with me…just ask my husband!

Tonight I want to talk about a session I just finished in the gym. Last week I set myself a goal, an achievable goal (i think) but it’s gonna take effort. Like 99.9% of my female counterparts, we have a body part that we just can not stand. Like I am talking a deep rooted hate that can be all consuming…one of those hates that puts you in a bad temper because you have looked at it. Yup, like alot of women, my hatred is towards my stomach. Is it really too much to ask that it is flat?? Throw IBS into the mix (where everyday you face a good chance of swollen pregnancy belly popping up that really adds to the hatred of this particular body part)  Come on mother nature, gimme a break.

So I set myself a goal – by my 29th birthday (26th June – you can send me presents or a cake if you wish) I want a stomach to be jealous of. I want ‘lines’ of definition and there to be little to no wobble. Nowwww I know what you’re thinking, this probably takes years to achieve, not 11 weeks….but god loves a tryer (or trier I’m not sure on the spelling here).

Tonight at the gym, things really stepped up a notch. It was my 4th night this week in the gym and I was feeling good but my muscles were starting to feel it. My coach switched it up a little which I’ve really enjoyed, doing some flex arm holds and started some barbell lifting which made me feel really strong (even though it was only like 15kg haha) theres just something about thrusting that metal barbell up on the air like your Irelands Strongest Man…but one thing I have started doing was the rowing machine….

Well after a few goes on the rowing machine, my coach set me the task of beating my last time of 2 minutes 29 seconds to row a hypothetical 500m . So, baring in mind I’ve already completed 500m in 2 minutes 29 seconds as a warm up, completed suitcase carries, 60kg hip thrust, rows and deadhangs to name a few I was up for the challenge but also pretty tired by this stage….however those abs are waiting to greet me, all toned and ready for a bikini.

So, I sit on the seat, strap my little size 4 feet in, and start to row row row my boat, gently down the streammm….sorry i got carried away there. I was really giving it my all, but then that all familiar burning in my muscles starts, and the little voice in my head starts telling me my legs might blow up if I don’t stop (which would be super dangerous for all involved)…but there’s also another little voice telling me to push through, don’t give up and just get it done. It’s the little devil on one shoulder and a little Angel on the other, both lycra clad and giving their own opinion.

So – how did this end. Did I listen to the Angel or the devil? As tempting as it was to just stop rowing and declaring I can’t do it (in a dramatic fashion) i wasnt going to give in. It probably helped that my coach was there telling me to keep going and I could do it, although there was a point I was close to telling him where to go (i refrained and it would only have been awkward afterwards lol). But towards the end of those very short minutes, which is incredibly long when you feel like you are about to explode, there’s a moment when you literally zone out,  where you pull on some weird inner strength and get it done. So, yes you guessed it – i beat my time and rowed my hypothetical 500m in 2 minutes 14 seconds . Boom.

Have faith in yourself,  have faith in the process, have faith that you aren’t going to explode into a burning ball of flames. Tonight I am feeling good. Small victories and all that.


Fyi – coconut addiction is alive and kicking. Coconut can make any fish instantly better, don’t doubt it.





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