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Operation Abs

Hi all,

Hows it going? I hope that you are all well and enjoying this start to a new week. Easter is over and I (think) that I behaved quite well over the Easter break….I for once did not eat my own bodyweight in chocolate eggs.  I got one egg, and didn’t maul it until Easter Tuesday….and for once I didn’t get the guilts afterwards. Bonus.

So the reason for writing this blog is because I have a mixture of excitement and anxiety…because my lovely friends, its bikini time in 8 weeks and 5 days (big gulp). Myself and my good friend Kirsty are heading away for a few days in the sun – Morocco. Now I know what you are thinking, Morocco is a conservative culture, which may not leave room for bikini time – however you would be wrong. In your Riad, bikini time is acceptable…and our Riad just so happens to have a lovely pool and sunloungers, where I expect to soak up some Vitamin D. There’s no point in me saying I am going for the suntan, because I could live on the sun (and I mean the burning ball that is in the sky) and still come back like Casper the ghost.

Anyway, suntan aside, I do get freckles which I am uber excited about, but for most girls, bikini time equals anxiously buying pretty bikinis that have been modelled on abtastic models online….then guess what happens, you get them…put them on…and stand looking in the mirror in dismay that you have love handles.  well well well, disappointing ain’t it?! Now, 99% of the year I am all about being fit, healthy, strong and body confident, but there is something about holiday time that makes me a little vain. So, once I booked my holiday, I went straight to Fionnbharr and told him I was on a mission – we call it #OperationAbs (the hashtag is to just make it a little cooler ya’know?!). So for the next few weeks I am going to write about my workouts in the gym, and at home and talk a little about how the diet is going also.

The last 10 days I have been writing a food diary for Fionn which I am going to give him today, which again is anxiety inducing….I shall await the giant circles round my chocolately treats 😦 …… and then take it from there. Last week I was at the gym 3 times and my workouts have been a little longer than usual, by about an extra 15/20 minutes, which doesn’t seem a lot, but when you are feeling like your body might explode…believe me it feels like a year. I have also completed two home workouts, which include a mix of mobility and kettlebell work, which only takes about 15/20 minutes. Sean walked into the room, mid workout on Saturday – think he was a little surprised by his wife red faced and sweaty, flinging a kettlebell in the air like her life depended on it. I told him one of the exercises was called a “goatbag swing”, to which he has been calling “goat hops”, which has really made me chuckle. When I corrected him, he told me “goat hops” were a different exercise and then showed me a video of a hyper goat, hopping about and doing 360 spins ontop of other goats. Yea right honey, I believe ya.

So – #OperationAbs is live – wish me luck!




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