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When you bring your own broccoli to Nandos…

So #OperationAbs is well under way, 7 weeks and 2 days to Morocco. So how am I getting on I hear you ask….well….heres the honest truth. Its brutal. I did not expect it to be this difficult. I thought we would just do a little more core work in the gym, maybe a few home workouts and cut out the sweet treats and boom – abs-ville here I am.

No. This is not the case. First of all, I thought I was pretty en-pointe with my food. Well Deborah – no you were not. DISAPPOINTED. So I am back to the drawing board with the aul food situ….if theres one way to make yourself feel stupid, confidently write a food diary, hand it to your coach and wait to have it scribbled all over. Of course, I know this is the best way to learn – from your mistakes. So onwards and upwards folks.

Exercise is a whole other ball game. I used to always say that exercising was difficult but eating was even harder…..right now I genuinely do not know which one is more difficult. It is both physically and mentally demanding and requires a lot of concentration and pulling some sort of inner strength out of your backside when you just wanna give up. Heres the difficult thing for me too, I am not a competitive person…I never have been. I don’t really have that spark in me others have that drive them to do better than the last time. I wish I did. Maybe I need to carry a picture of my bikini’s around with me to remind me that I have to get into these pretty little two pieces in 7 weeks.

Anyway….#OperationAbs is going along nicely, with 7 weeks to go. I am currently working out with my coach 3 times a week and 2-3 homeworks per week ontop of that. I am taking this mission very seriously. So seriously that I went to Nando’s yesterday and brought my own carton of broccoli….no this is not some sort of metaphor for something, I actually went to Nandos, ordered chicken and a salad and brought a carton of broccoli with me. For a minute, I considered caring about what other people thought….and then I decided nothing good would come from that. Here’s the thing – opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. I understand that people don’t get the whole paleo thing, I get it they don’t understand why I wouldn’t just go all out at Nandos because I am out with my friends. I used to one of the people that laughed at people like me……but as my lovely friend Ashleigh said last night, ‘they only laugh because they don’t have the will power to go what you are doing’.  I have a goal and I am sticking to it….question my broccoli antics if you wish.

So  listen up folks, getting toned, muscular, defined, bikini-body-ready (use whatever term your want), is not easy. And I seriously mean that….I have left the gym feeling on the verge of tears because I am just tired and its taken a lot of mental and physical strength to get me through (yes I am weepy when I am tired – deal with it).  My advice to you is seriously commit…just get shit done, I don’t think you will regret it.

P.s. – Val drags are the devil. Nothing good comes from these apart from the ability to save yourself if a zombie apolocypse happens.



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