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744 hours to go…

I have just realised it is just over four weeks until bikini time arrives….that is 31 days. 744 hours if we want to get really precise.  So as you all know #OperationAbs has been in go-go mode for the last 12 weeks and my last blog post highlighted just how difficult it can be.  Not all sit ups and HIIT sessions. More like Air Bikes, Arnie Presses (which I just love the name of because Arnie is a legend), hanging knee raises, flex arm holds and serious amount of sweat. And I don’t mean sweat like those insta girls who look all glistening and shimmery – I mean red faced, blotchy, and look like I’ve been trailed through a hedge backwards. Gorg.

I have calculated that I have 20 sessions left in the gym – 20 hours to get my abs to drag their sorry ass to the front of my body. My coach has been telling me that abs are made in the kitchen….well let me tell you, I have searched and searched my kitchen, and I cant find them anywhere….cue tears running down my sweaty post-searching face. To be fair, I see where Fionn is coming from, theres really no point busting your backside in the gym just to go home and eat all of the food in your house in one sitting. I saw a quote from the guys at Barbell Shrugged (if you don’t know who they are, google/youtube them – they talk sense!). They said that we should “focus on the long-game rather than the instant gratifications.  we know this can be a hard pill for some folks to swallow, but its the truth. We’d rather you know the truth rather than try to sugar coat it”. DAMN RIGHT.
I keep lifting up my top after a workout and expecting a set of abs to have magically popped up, bobbing to the surface like a plastic bottle floating in the ocean.

So believe me when I say you gotta seriously stick at it…..I have been training for nearly a year now – it will be a year on 13th July. I have been training like a demon for 8 weeks now in persuit of my bikini body, and let me tell you its not for the faint hearted. You have to be training and eating right – doing just one or the other isn’t going to cut it. I have really been struggling with my chocolate cravings (especially for us women when our hormones like to play a little game of “eat all the chocolate in sight” for a few days out of the month, girls you get me, right? whilst the guy reading this awkwardly shuffle in their chair). The other thing I genuinely struggled with was actually understanding how to eat for my goal. I ended up asking my coach to write me down examples of the food I should be eating for each meal, because I just couldn’t wrap my head around it.  The struggle is real.

So heres an example of what my food day has looked like:

7am – butter coffee – this sounds stinking but OMG, if you don’t drink this currently, youre missing out.  I know you are probably screwing up your face and thinking I have lost the plot, but seriously try it….(1 cup of coffee put in a blender with a teaspoon of good quality grass fed butter)

10(ish)- meat, eggs, spinach, tomatoes and/celery, half an avo or some halloumi

2(ish) – meat, big ass salad

handful of nuts about 4ish to stave off any hunger for gym sesh. Fionn told me to go for macadamias (they are king apparently), but dear god, they taste like chalk.

7(ish) – meat meat and more meat, sweet potato (only on training days), spinach, roasted tomatoes or some sort of veg. I got a veg spiralizer and I am UBER excited to use it…courgetti here I come.

I have been advised to keep my 90% dark choc to after din dins instead of after lunch is when I was having it!

Don’t get me wrong, I have eaten some treats that aren’t exactly sticking to paleo life / healthy treat life (marks and spencers chocolate chip shortbread is TOO GOOD to say NO to….I don’t even regret shoving it in my face with a large mug of tea).

At the end of the day, I am 100% committed to the goal, but I am human and not a robot…sometimes cravings get the better of us and we just need to draw a line under it and move on. So to finish off the blog post, heres the things I have learned through this process, especially in the last 8 weeks.

  1. Set a goal and decide whether you are truly committed to it. Don’t do a half arsed attempt at it.
  2. Ask questions, no matter how stupid they might seem in your head. I have my coach TORTURED.  But I am not going to assume I know something, because that usually turns out not so well.
  3. Don’t listen to others who don’t get what your now about. You will get opinions from people who all of a sudden have turned into a personal trainer within the last 2 minutes and believe they know better than your own personal trainer. Nod along and smile.
  4. don’t be super hard on yourself.  If you have a treat or two, even if you eat your own body weight in kebab on a Saturday night, just get back on it again. Don’t spend the next days crying over it. Draw a line in the sand, put on your big girl pants and get it done.

Hope this has been helpful for your guys and you can relate somehow. And do you know something, no matter what shape I get to when bikini time arrives, I know I will be happy because I’ve worked hard and made serious progress.  If I don’t have the abs of my dreams then so be it – I am a work in progress and I this is how I shall always be.



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