Hi, and welcome to The Coconut Ricey Blog! Yes, you guessed it, that is me in the picture above. So you have managed to stumble across my blog, lord only knows how you got here (clicking furiously at buttons that opened more and more pages probably), but that’s good – I am glad you have made it.  Stick around, find out a little about me and why I have decided to write a blog….

Here are the boring things you might want to know about me: my name is Deborah Rice, I am 28 and from Belfast in Northern Ireland. I am married to my wonderful husband Sean, have two insane Labradors (Bear & Goose), I have two awesome sisters and a great, but small circle of friends.  My 9-5 job is working with adults with complex learning disabilities and Autism, but I am a qualified make up artist and also make ‘forever’ wedding bouquets (woman of many talents I hear you whisper). I also am obsessed by the most random of things such as teapots (I really love tea – I think its an Irish thing), the concept of Hygge and all that goes with it (my husband complains one day I will burn down our house with candles – he overreacts), and crocheting.  But why write a blog….?

Well….let’s talk about that.  In June 2016, I was at make up awards (which I came runner -up in one of the awards, thank you very much), I won a prize to go and have a free session with a personal trainer. I had been feeling a little on the bloated side for the last while (I suffer pretty badly from Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and had been moaning that my trousers were getting tighter and nothing felt comfy anymore…of course I did nothing but complain about it and still shoved the plate of mashed potatoes into my face, but that’s what us girls do…right?! So when I won this prize of a free session I took it as a sign from the almighty God’s that I should take this free gift and use it. Well I did….I went to see a personal trainer called Fionnbarr Toolan (check him out @ Virtu Belfast), for my free session. I will be honest, I had absolutely no intention of starting a vigorous training routine – but when I came out of my free session I was buzzing.  Its now 8 months later and I religiously go 3 times a week and torture his poor wee soul with a million dietary questions. It has been an enlightening few months.

In short – this blog is / will be about:

  • my journey from feeling like a bloated helium balloon to a strong and healthy young lady (yes 28 is still spring chicken age, just before you think otherwise)
  • My journey through dealing with IBS and how I have controlled it with living a paleo(ish) lifestyle
  • my day to day life (that is for all the nosey people out there – that’s the blog for you)
  • Paleo Recipes – tried, tested and approved
  • Motivational blogs – if I can inspire one person to do something that makes them feel better about themselves, whether it be getting up and getting fresh air, changing their diet, getting a pet or going and putting yourself out there in some small way, I can die a happy lady.

So I hope you stick around a visit to read the blogs I put up – and I hope I have something to offer you (even if its a laugh at my expense).

Lotsa Love – Ricey x

FYI – I know what you’re thinking – coconut ricey is a bizarre name for a blog. well here’s the thing  – I wanted a catchy name for my blog, so I turned to my sisters for advice. In order to come up with a good name, we started thinking about all the things I like…one of these things is coconut (anything coconut is good for me – coconut oil, coconut body lotion, coconut hand cream, shredded coconut….you get the drift).  Anyway the next morning my sister said all she could think about was coconut rice, and it was making her hungry.  This then made me think of coconut rice, which made me hungry….so allllll day long I sat thinking about coconut rice. In the end, I gave into my craving and got my favourite Thai takeout – cashew nut chicken with coconut rice. Ironically rice is the very thing that makes my stomach balloon out, but damn it, it was worth it. Hence, coconut ricey was born! Voila!